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We’ve been making masks for family and friends and we now have a pattern available click here. Very easy to make!

Whilst the material box is still stuffed with suitable fabric we’ve run out of bias binding, used every piece of ribbon salvaged over the years and cutting on the bias is wasteful…however, we’ve found some elastic and instead of going around the ears it works very well going from edge to edge.

Don’t stress about material old tea towels [linen], basically any cotton fabric will work.

If you don’t have a sewing machine send the pattern to someone who does and ask them to post them back to you.

PLEASE write your names on your mask, DO NOT exchange masks with anyone. This means not even a member of your family. They can be boiled to sterilise them.

We figure most of us will have time to cook more and be clearing our pantries and freezers and cobbling that together with anything we can scratch from our gardens.

There are hundreds of recipes between cuisine-extreme and galaxyguides but I suspect cooking will be on the simpler side with fewer ingredients and have less choice. Less is more is not a bad way of cooking and we have always had a ‘waste not’ philosophy but this will be more important than ever as will sharing food in safe ways. There will be more about that in the near future but if you’re kind enough to share food you need to keep the recipient and yourself safe.

If you’re on facebook you should follow us because we’ll post there when we have new recipes and ideas….follow cuisine-extreme on facebook.

We know it’s hard for everyone to comprehend that isolating and distancing has to be observed, but, everyone needs to understand if you don’t, it won’t be a matter of a few months it could turn into years with unimaginable numbers of deaths of people you love. 

Ann Oliver
food and publisher cuisine-extreme

Our data base is very extensive and about to become more so in 2020 as we find time to migrate old content from galaxy guides and add new content to cuisine-extreme.

The index has become very long and the quickest way to find a recipe is type the ingredient your are looking for into the search field top right hand above and it will bring up all recipes using that ingredient.

To our hospo friends throughout the world….we weep for you!

In the space of three weeks our entire global family has suffered beyond belief as the Coronavirus changes our world entirely. As everyone struggles to keep their families safe, shut down their businesses not knowing if they will ever open again the worst has been laying off staff considered family and being forced to abandon them to unemployment and an uncertain future.

My old friends Mary and Greg Sonnier Gabrielle’s New Orleans. Lost everything in Catrina..back up and running in their own restaurant three to four years getting fabulous accolades…closed indefinitely!

Add to that we worry for them because Louisiana has the worst infection rate in America.

Tina and Neil Jewell, who some of you may remember  from the fabulous charcuterie class from Neil and the equally brilliant bread class from Tina at the River Cafè [also closed plus the Red ochre Barrel + Grill]. Out on their own, an incredible restaurant located [Western Cape, South Africa] aptly named Jewells also getting amazing accolades….closed!

No one could watch Matt McConnell Bar Lourinha Melbourne and ABC 7.30 a couple of nights back and not understand his tears and despair represented every restaurateur/chef in the world.

At home in Adelaide the story goes on. When will life return to normal we seriously have no idea, but what we do know is that if people self isolate it will be quicker.

The struggle is for many people self isolate means just that. It does not mean you go and visit your adult children and grandchildren; if you really love them you will stay at home. Yes people are struggling with this, but, if people don’t start understanding the science soon the lockdown will not be a matter of months but years and the stay at home will be policed by army reserves. We are sure our service people, barely recovered from soul destroying bush fires in Australia could much better assist in this crisis in other ways.

Ann Oliver

posted 28 March, 20
Pictured above promise of an aubergine [eggplant]…..stay tuned for plenty of gardening advice!
Ricotta gnocchi click on the image. 

it’s chicken tonight


Classic French style garlic chicken using the new seasons garlic, truly ‘ugly delicious’ click here for the recipe.


posted November 1, 2019



Left, proof that vegan food doesn’t need to be tasteless muck. Beware two of us nearly ate what was intended for four. Inspired by reading a recent Australian Gourmet Traveller daily email I knew immediately the recipe   idea could be taken in a different direction. It is super delicious warm or at room temperature but the fridge would kill it! click here

Don’t be afraid to take any of our recipes in a different direction. Snow peas may still be good to go, but when asparagus and broad beans have long since gone …instead try snow peas, spring onions, quickly blanched cos or iceberg refreshed in ice and water.

We adore passionfruit and promise a whole raft of our favourite passionfruit recipes for the summe.


We adore Melbourne for its vibrant food and art scene and unique shopping especially vintage shopping…….just one revisit and six new restaurant reviews….. click here

This is constantly updated stay tuned for more next week with two new standout restaurants! ..click on the image to go to
Kaaren Palmer’s guide on where to drink Champagne in Melbourne!

the perfect
roast pork belly

click here to go straight to the recipe

Why we love induction

This is just this is just start as we have realised a much more in-depth article is required, especially explaining the advances in induction cooktops….click here Our rec ommendations are based on first hand experience using induction hotplates in our own kitchen with items that we have purchased and, other kitchens both domestic and commercial where we have had the opportunity to have a play or talk to chefs who use them on a daily basis.
posted May, 2018

We finally have the time to look at

Two amazing books purchased last year…Torrablanca 2 and Ramon Morato’s Chocolate, so much to try…so much to learn!

This week I’m going to have a go at their inside out puff pastry.

Buyer beware

We all buy on-line, but how often do you take the time to read the terms and conditions? Well a recent experience we have had trying to return a domestic sous-vide appliance while still under warranty started with a demand for a $24 payment for return postage, followed by a list of fairly unacceptable terms and conditions that may have cost as much as we could buy a new one. It led us to take a look at the terms and conditions of similar equipment to discover vastly different warranty options.

Still working on this one as it has turned into a much more complicated piece than expected. Add to that we don’t have the benefit of a legal team and need to make sure our facts are absolutely right.


you can never have too many books


Why aren’t the French fat?

The very first thing you notice in France today is the lack of overweight residents. Then you notice the abundance of excellent bread, still baked twice daily; this is followed by exquisite melt in the mouth pastries, that eaten in excess would surely lead to obesity. The French still take weekends and free time seriously and the shopping/market day is Saturday. They patiently queue at the best butchers, the fromagerie, the poultry shop…well they queue everywhere good produce it to be found.

a work in progress!