march 2021

Traditional Genovese Pesto….a la Stefano Riccioni

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Gougeres so simple [if you follow the rules] so very delicious. Even better the mix can be made the day before and cooked to order. A truffle and a pesto version.

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We’re atheists but we love to celebrate Christian and Pagan traditions alike and Easter is the next festival on the horizon….one of our favourites the Russian Pashka! This is a wonderful Easter treat and really helpful to planning Easter meals as it is best made three or four days in advance,

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The perfect late summer combination…new blackberry ice cream and a couple of Ann Oliver classics. So much to do, so much to enjoy!

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For all you zucchini haters try this wonderful recipe and never look back. More Zucchini recipes to come…click on the image to go straight to the recipe.

and…….don’t forget, it’s the plum  and pear season….use the search to find recipes. The images take you to links but don’t forget to check pickling and preserving.

We’ll be putting up a number of excellent pear recipes next week. The Adelaide Hills pear season is now in full swing. Such a versatile fruit either sweet or savoury.

posted 7 February 2021


KIS KIF….keep it simple keep it fresh…real fast food seasonal ideas click on the image.

posted January 16, 2021

Cherry Clafoutis the queen [or king] of the classic French cherry recipes…. click on the image to go straight to the recipe.

posted December 31, 2020
Passionfruit Crème Brûlée …. click on the image to go straight to the recipe.
posted December 21, 2020

It’s our friend Lina Verrilli’s [Patlin Gardens] birthday Saturday December 4 and we made her a special cake with a nod to her Italian heritage…. click on the image to go straight to the recipe.

posted December 4, 2020
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finding what you want

Our data base is very extensive and about to become more so in 2020 as we find time to add new content to cuisine-extreme.

The search is very efficient and a good way to fnd what you are looking for.

Kaaren Palmer Champagne

Love Champagne, want to know more click on the image.

october 2020

Choux 2020 click on the image
posted October 14, 2020

Dillon Kesur’s terrific Buttermilk Bread click on the image.

Posted October 13, 2020

Proving, working with yeast, some common sense tips… click on the image.

Posted 13 October, 2020

September 2020

Steamed egg yolk with crème fraiche and seaweed pearls
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Posted September 24, 2020

Everyone’s favourite, even, apparently Queen Elizabeth’s… Crème Caramel! Click on the image to go to the recipe.

Posted 24 September, 2020

August 2020

a great find

I’ve always made my own Boudin Noir [akka black pudding] once a year for an annual Bastille Day dinner and although there have been a few commercial ones over the years they did not cut it for me. Still, I’m always up to try a new product when I see it. Pacdon Park are a very pleasant surprise…they are great! We have used their black pudding a couple of times. Once warm salad with squid [caught by my bro] confit cured snook, Pacdon Park blood pudding, walnut truffle vinaigrette to universal enjoyment. Last night crumbed and fried pigs ears, Pacdon Park blood and white pudding, radish [from the garden], truffled smoked roasted garlic mayonnaise, lemon. The latter was a great combo and annoyingly made the main course look lame. I hate it when I do that!!!

On the back of their packaging are cooking tips one of which we disagree with. They advise peeling the skin after cooking. Hot and difficult to handle this would be pretty messy. It is much better and simpler to skin the sausages before cooking. Both their black and white pudding peel very easily. Our favourite [probably personal] is the blood pudding which is very stable when fried and handled carefully. The white pudding is a little softer and requires slightly more careful handling. Properly seasoned steel pan or quality non-stick is the easiest.

posted AO 21 August, 2020

nettle gnocchiletti

An introduction to common winter weeds….click on the image.

ruby grapefruit and oysters

Winter Fennel from Janni Kyritsis divine Warm Fennel and Pernod Oysters, to really tasty winter salads starting with Fennel Slaw and a great Fennel Top Mayonnaise that is the making of this really great Fennel Slaw.

posted 14 May, 20

Lilly Pillies

Lilly Pillies…this Australian native can be found just about everywhere. Best of all they are most likely going to be free! click here for tips and ideas.

posted August 23, 2020


A little on the wild side, cured and pork fat confit snook [Fairfish South Australia], grilled squid, smoked marinated bitter lettuce, smoked garlic truffle dressing, roasted walnuts.

We have a free pattern available click here. Very easy to make! 

These masks are dangerous if not washed correctly. They must not be worn for more than four hours at a time….throughly washed and dried [preferably in the sun] and ironed with a very hot iron.

PLEASE write your names on your mask, DO NOT exchange masks with anyone. This means not even a member of your family. 

Click on the image above Apple Crumble Brioche…we made a variation yesterday using a 4 egg [half rest of recipe] Pam Field’s Sponge

FRIANDES…so delicious!

From the French kitchen and oh, so delicious straight from the oven…click on the image to go straight to the recipe.

make your own masks

The best of both seasons winter oysters, candied grapefruit rind, shallot is a combination that leaves guests fighting for the last… here

A lot more great recipes for oysters raw and cooked can be found in our recipe index from the top navigation.

Green Tomato Chutney Version Three click here

july 2020


Really delicious buttermilk sour dough including making and maintaining a sourdough starter click on the bread image on the image.

june 2020

Chocolate Almond Praline Tart ….click here
posted June 13, 20

Chocolate Coated Oat Biscuits very, very good! click here 

posted 11 June, 20

may 2020

in praise of pies

Some excellent technical information including the classic French lidded pie click here

posted 21 May 20

Fish and Fennel Pie click here

posted 30 May, 20

Pickled Pine Mushrooms a great way to preserve the abundance of the 2020 South Australian mushroom season and until the jars are opened…no refrigeration required…click here

posted 27 May 20
Blind Baking pastry – applies to sweet and savoury pastry
posted 10 May, 20
Pickled Pine Mushrooms…really delicious and a great way of preserving the glut.
posted 9 May, 20
We’ve added a video showing how to clean pine mushrooms click here
posted 9 May, 20
White Cabbage Coleslaw a favourite with almost everyone when lovingly made.
posted 7 May, 20
sauerkraut, coleslaw, hot cabbage salad, red cabbage and red cabbage slaw with roasted walnuts and semi dried satsuma plums…
posted 6 May, 20

it’s chicken tonight


Classic French style garlic chicken, truly ‘ugly delicious’  add potatoes to the pan and you have a one pan perfect dinner click here for the recipe.

a perennial oldie but a goodie! 

Above, not new, but proof that vegan food doesn’t need to be tasteless muck. Beware two of us nearly ate what was intended for four. Inspired by reading a recent Australian Gourmet Traveller daily email I knew immediately the recipe   idea could be taken in a different direction. It is super delicious warm or at room temperature but the fridge would kill it! click here

Don’t be afraid to take any of our recipes in a different direction. Snow peas may still be good to go, but when asparagus and broad beans have long since gone …instead try snow peas, spring onions, quickly blanched cos or iceberg refreshed in ice and water.

The Fairies Sponge 2020 click on the image

posted November 22, 2020

left…………..Garth Oliver’s pickled onions click on the image. House-made pickling vinegar has been added to the recipe.

updated  December 4, 2020

the best ever chocolate tart...!

the perfect
roast pork belly

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Poor, poor Melbourne. We can’t wait for Melbourne to be open again and COVID19 behind us. We adore Melbourne for its vibrant food and art scene and unique shopping especially vintage …….take a nostalgic journey with us ….. click here

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Kaaren Palmer’s guide on where to drink Champagne in Melbourne!

Why we love induction

This is just this is just start as we have realised a much more in-depth article is required, especially explaining the advances in induction cooktops….click here Our rec ommendations are based on first hand experience using induction hotplates in our own kitchen with items that we have purchased and, other kitchens both domestic and commercial where we have had the opportunity to have a play or talk to chefs who use them on a daily basis.
posted May, 2018

We finally have the time to look at

Two amazing books purchased last year…Torrablanca 2 and Ramon Morato’s Chocolate, so much to try…so much to learn!

This week I’m going to have a go at their inside out puff pastry.

Buyer beware

We all buy on-line, but how often do you take the time to read the terms and conditions? Well a recent experience we have had trying to return a domestic sous-vide appliance while still under warranty started with a demand for a $24 payment for return postage, followed by a list of fairly unacceptable terms and conditions that may have cost as much as we could buy a new one. It led us to take a look at the terms and conditions of similar equipment to discover vastly different warranty options.

Still working on this one as it has turned into a much more complicated piece than expected. Add to that we don’t have the benefit of a legal team and need to make sure our facts are absolutely right.


you can never have too many books


Why aren’t the French fat?

The very first thing you notice in France today is the lack of overweight residents. Then you notice the abundance of excellent bread, still baked twice daily; this is followed by exquisite melt in the mouth pastries, that eaten in excess would surely lead to obesity. The French still take weekends and free time seriously and the shopping/market day is Saturday. They patiently queue at the best butchers, the fromagerie, the poultry shop…well they queue everywhere good produce it to be found.