Domestic vac machines

…more commonly known as food savers

Details for the adaptor for the older model Sunbeam VS7800 added

posted Monday September 17, 2018….updated Thursday 11, October 2018 our first test with the new food boxes click here

The food vac machine has been part of the commercial kitchen since the 70s and the vast banquets operations in the USA have long used sous–vide as a reliable method to mass–produce high quality food. The technique allows for advance preparation without compromising the freshness or quality of the product by providing a longer shelf life. Additionally, the cooking method known as sous–vide allows for the delivery of a consistent product of a very high standard to many thousands of guests.

We may have lengthy experience, circa 1983, with commercial vac machines, but over the years we have also used many different brands of home vac machines. Most frequently called ‘food savers’ we would not recommend most of the cheaper models, especially since if you are willing to shell out roughly an additional $50 AUD it will give markedly improved performance.

I have had two Sunbeam[1]food savers for at least eight years, maybe even longer. One did have a problem whilst still under warranty and was immediately, and without argument, swapped for a new one. After recently trying to get my warranty on an item purchased on-line I appreciate the excellence of Sunbeam’s post purchase warranty service even more so.

Some years later, we were astonished to find that post warranty the units were not repaired. This extremely annoying that our society would rather ditch than repair, however, my brother, always the practical one sent me to our local Fitch the Rubber Man and for $7.00 AUD[2]I purchased a strip of identical replacement seal and fixed my two machines and a friends….all of which, are to this day still going strong.

[1]We do not take equipment gifts of any form and equipment that we might recommend has been purchased and rigorously put through its paces, in the instance of food savers over many years. ……AO food and publisher

[2]Any city will have a store like this….Fitch the Rubber man sells an astonishing selection of seals by the meter

A few weeks ago I was in a local electrical store and notice significant changes in Sunbeam food savers and to my surprise, a few hours later I get an email asking me what I think. What should I think, I don’t have a clue?

An email to Sunbeam customer support did take a few days to get a response and to be honest I think that their predicted three-business-day response in the year 2018 does not equate with modern expectations. However, the response was by phone with a real person at the end of the call and refreshingly, this person did not shy away from any of my questions. Starting with what had changed and or improved.

We have used the food storage boxes since they first came out at least eight years ago. For us it meant so many of the tedious but important jobs like plucking herbs could be done the day before. A sheet of paper towel folded in the bottom, herbs washed, gently dried off and plucked they keep perfectly for three days. However, the old boxes, whilst more robust than the most recent version, annoyingly have rounded lids and do not stack. New version has flat lids and stack perfectly……brilliant improvement!

With commercial vac machines there are sufficient settings that one can vac liquid perfectly, but I am yet to use any domestic model that can achieve the same excellent result. When asked where there any improvements on the new models with that the answer was honestly ‘no’! But it was then, that the Sunbeam representative proceeded to go through a multitude of uses that I had never considered for these food boxes…starting with a half avocado that will not discolour over a couple of days. This is something that might be of interest to commercial operations. On my costing sheet, avocadoes have 50% waste and because they are absolutely ‘a la minute’ it is impossible to prep them in advance. Stay tuned on this one!

It was not a surprise to hear that undressed salads stored equally perfectly because herbs had always been brilliant…but I had never considered soups and sauces. In a time when we are all trying to minimise our use of plastic this was brilliant newThe two new models….

Sunbeam VS9000 is the top of their range
For hunting and fishing types this may be of interest to you because it has a 12V adaptor included in the pack.

Sunbeam VS7850 next level

Mine are the Sunbeam VS7800
 There is a new supplementary attachment hose for  the VS7800 that works with their new storage boxes. The boxes are available at most retailer selling their vac machines, but the adaptor is sold on-line. $22.50 AUD + postage (about $5 AUD) they are available from model no VS45001 scroll down on the link and the adaptor is visible.

 The food service boxes are expensive…but think of the benefit to the planet not to mention you’ll be able to keep your food in better condition and have less waste makes them well worthwhile.

Although you always get some rolls and bags with your purchase we do not buy our bags from Sunbeam….the following link is the cheapest, good, on-line supplier we can find. We have been using the same company for about 18 months now, really good service and often good specials click here

The other innovation we have noticed is zip-lock bags which will require further investigation.

posted Sunday September 9, 2018,,,,updated Monday September 17, 2018
posted Thursday October 11, 2018

9 days…average refrigeration 3°C

Nine days packed in the new foodsaver box, a very slight discolouration at the ends of the rhs piece of potato, not bad enough to peel off. The piece at the top was tightly wrapped in a double layer of cling film at the same time and refrigerated under the same conditions…it was still sound but would have required peeling again before it could be used.

However, apart from the additional waste with peeling the potato again, it is the use of disposable plastic that is additionally very against what we think. As we mentioned we had hoped to start with an avocado but the lack of  perfect avocado has led to us finding another super use…chippies in advance.

Out next test will be red cabbage which does discolour in 24 hours and would help us when making this divine salad in the cherry season… and yes, of course we want to test guacamole and a cut avocado!

Stay tuned for more!