If you don’t have an induction stove top if you love to cook, and not planning on revamping your kitchen in the near future, you should buy a portable induction hot plate. Induction is marvellous for the unlimited controllable heat options that makes everything from chocolate to searing a steak so much easier. This article is just a start and we will be adding the pros and cons of various fixed induction hot plates in the coming weeks….in the meantime, we tackle the portable induction hotplate!

We have had the opportunity to work with a number of these portable hotplates and have only one recommendation the Newwave induction cooktop Model NW-200 reasons for which we will explain… just so you know the giveaway pot is rubbish for anything but very low heat cooking, but it’s the best price on the net in Australia.

Many, in fact, most hotplates come with built-in functions that just do not do what a good cook wants and do not allow the same flexibility. We have personally purchased two of the Newwave hotplates [some are now at least three years old] and have put many more into commercial situations with great success and recommended them to many more. Many of the ‘more’ had purchased other brands to great disappointment.

One tip to remember, is to vacuum out the fan on the back so that it can get the proper cool air intake and at least every six to twelve months, depending on how much you use your hot plate, unscrew the back and carefully access the fan. Use a soft toothbrush or a cone craft brush and thoroughly clean out the fan, especially at the turning point and the back of the blades and vacuum out any fluff that fall in. Of course made sure the hot plate is disconnected from the power source.

When it comes to cooking equipment there are plenty of options in stainless steel, but we recommend buying saucepans with lids [we will explain in recipes when they are best used]. For frying and searing the favourites are Aus-Ionyes they are relatively expensive, but, if you look after them they should be used by your children, their children and their grandchildren. We own three of these; two skillets, and the crepe pan which we use for everything from crepes, to roti, rice paper wrappers, tortilla and much more.


posted 26 May, 2018…stay tuned for more!