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Hsin Fortuna
217 The Parade
South Australia 5067

OPEN : Wednesday to Monday closed Tuesdays
lunch from 11.30 am – 2.30 pm
dinner from 5.00 pm – 9.30 pm

RESERVATIONS : 08 8332 1272
email : hello@hsinfortuna.com

AO 30 AUGUST, 2022

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Mapo tofu

To start with In the last 30 years I have never ordered anything but Mapo Tofu at Hsin Restaurant [formerly Fortuna Court]…30 years ago I used to go there for oyster omelette and I’m not even sure if it remains on their menu. But, in later years after having worked in China on numerous occasions I have only ever ordered Mapo Tofu.

When working in Shanghai there were two breakfasts, really early lunches that I went mad for. Fried rice with a fried egg and chilli relish and Mapo Tofu. To be fair until having worked in China tofu was not on my list of favoured ingredients. In Shanghai I learned to love tofu in all forms except the stinky black fermented tofu that smells and tastes like rotten eggs and makes me gag.