Street art, vintage shopping and so much more to come!

Everything you need to know to make it easy!

Getting around

Melbourne has enviable public transport that makes getting around blissfully easy….the MYKI card can be purchased just about everywhere, download the app to your mobile and it’s simple to find your route and advise is amazingly punctual. The card can be topped up on-line or in the many stores [almost on every corner] that work with MYKI….click here for full details.

Bring your own…akka BYP

BYO is an anathema to most tourists but means ’bring your own’ wine and whilst it can be found throughout Australia and great restaurants throughout the world will always accommodate special bottles from private cellars, BYO is something peculiar to Melbourne where there is an abundance of good BYO restaurants and cafés. Melbourne also has some wonderful wine shops where is it possible to buy a great bottle of wine, take it to a great restaurant and enjoy your heart out!

Restaurants have different charges for accepting BYO and the price is generally linked to the quality of the glassware and the level of service required to manage your bottle.