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This recipe is a modified recipe our Chocolate Coated Oat Biscuits. It is quick and simple to make and best of all eveyone loves them, regardless if they are going into a kid’s lunchbox or just a snack for any age.

Don’t stint on the quality of the chocolate. The biscuit alone is excellent, however, the lack of sweetness in the biscuit in combination with the beautiful chocolate makes these biscuits especially delicious.

These biscuits are quite large and could easily be made smaller, however, the speed with which they vanish indicates why so large.

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makes 16

170g plain flour
500g Carman’s Fruit and Nut Muesli
170g brown sugar

1 egg, beaten

160g butter
40g Lyle’s golden syrup [we love their new squeeze bottle so easy to weigh] or honey

200g Callebaut K811 calettes [tempered] or similar quality tempered chocolate
Haigh’s milk chocolate would also be fab

essential equipment
85 mm egg ring [approx.]
45mm round ice cream scoop
purpose built stamp [lucky me] or flat bottom glass approximately the same size
cake decorating comb [or fork]


Weigh the flour, muesli, brown sugar into your Kenwood bowl and using the creamer paddle mix together. Weigh the butter and golden syrup [or honey] into a small saucepan and heat on low heat until the butter is melted. Whisk together and allow to cool a little. With the motor running add the eggand when combined add the butter mix. Work only long enough to bring the mix together.

Cover backing sheets with silicon mats or baking paper. Using the ice cream scoop put a flat scoop into the centre of the egg ring. Cover with Freezer-go-Between and stamp out evenly to about 4mm thick.

pre heat oven to 170°C
The biscuits take approximately 15 minutes to cook and are best slightly less cooked to give them a chewy texture. Cook a couple of minutes longer is you like plenty of crunch.


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Cool the biscuits completely on racks on the mats/baking paper. To keep it in temper, melt the chocolate on very low heat. Either, spoon chocolate onto the flat side of the biscuit and wave pattern it with the cake decorating comb. or pipe the chocolate on the tops. Sit them back on the racks and allow the chocolate to set again.

Store in a cool place [ha! ha!] in an airtight container with Freezer-go-Between between each biscuit to keep them looking gorgeous.