makes 16 – 2 per person are sufficient for entrée for 8

omelette mix  must be made the day before

9 very fresh eggs [minimum 61g]
135g full cream milk
3g fine sea salt
10g Beerenberg Hahndorf Hot Mustard
5g wild fennel top, finely chopped
1g white pepper – freshly ground

7 zucchini flowers
2 zucchini not more than 12 cm – very finely sliced
40g clarified butter for frying
100g smoked mozzarella – lightly frozen and finely shaved
45g finely grated Parmesan Reggiano
100g high quality pouring cream

essential equipment
rectangular Japanese omelette pan

AO 24 February 2021



Weigh everything to the white pepper into a Thermo or use a jug and Bamix. Blitz..strain off and then whisk in the mustard, fennel top and white pepper.

Cover a tray with Freezer-go-Between. Tear the zucchini flowers into strips. Using the rectangular omelette pan put about 5g butter into the pan and about 4 strips of zucchini flower then add a few slices of the sliced zucchini let sit for 30 seconds and then using a 50 ml ladle [not quite full] pour on a ladle of the egg mix. As soon as it is set on the bottom add a small amount of parmesan and put the pan and allow to cook through. drop it onto the prepared tray and repeat the process until all of the egg has been used.

On one end of the omelettes put 10g very finely sliced smoked mozzarella, roll them up and put them onto a tray covered with baking paper or a silicon sheet. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

to serve
pre heat oven to 200°C
Brush the top of the omelette with cream and scatter fine parmesan over the top.

Garnish with a couple of pieces of torn male flowers and a Lemon Beurre Blanc.


summer abundance

easy to grow

Anyone who has had zucchini boiled or steamed to mush will struggle with the idea they can be delicious. Over the next couple of weeks we plan to convince you otherise.