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I was lucky enough to work for Penfolds for 10 years doing their vineyard catering at the Kalimna Homestead located in the Barossa Valley, South Australia.

Whilst not a full-time position it was one of privilege and joy as I had control of everything from the flowers to the food, to the accoutrements. Of all the positions I have held since closing Mistress Augustine’s in 1992 it was this position that gave me the most enjoyment. Not just a fantastic product but a team of people dedicated to excellence.

Not being a fortified drinker it took sometime to perfect this recipe and get the wine match just right realising the wine needed to be slightly chilled. The terrine became the most asked for dessert, not just by Penfolds colleagues but returning guests. That and crayfish sandwiches…LOL! So much for needing to be absurdly creative!

AO 21 AUGUST 2023

Penfolds Grandfather
soaked raisin, chocolate
and roasted almond
ice cream terrine

serves 10

wine match
Penfolds Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Great Grandfather Rare lightly chilled

for the ice cream
a few days before

250g seedless raisins

375g Penfolds Grandfather

Select a suitably sized storage container with a tightly fitting lid. Put the raisins and Grandfather into the container, close the lid and shake them.

Turn the container every four to five hours.

When you make the ice cream put the raisins into a potato press fitted with the finest disk and squeeze out as much of the Grandfather as possible.

for the ice cream
120g Grandfather raisin marinade — see above

80g caster sugar
10 x 61g eggs, yolks only

2 Madagascan (14cm) vanilla beans, split and scraped
1L pouring cream

about 2L ice

other ingredients
200g finely chipped quality dark chocolate..we use Haigh’s or Valrohna
200g almonds, slow roasted in a 160°C oven, cooled and coarsely crushed
brandy snaps — recipe follows

essential equipment
2L terrine lined

Weigh the Grandfather marinade, sugar and egg yolks into a bowl and whisk together. Put the cream and vanilla pods into a microwave safe bowl and bring it to the boil (8 minutes in a 900W microwave) and when it is at a good rolling boil, whisking constantly, strain into the egg yolk mixture.

Return the anglaise
to the microwave for a further 2 minutes on low, whisk and strain through a fine sieve. Rapid chill in an ice bath.

to assemble the terrine
this must be done 24 hours prior or the terrine will not be hard enough to cut

Form the terrine with just churned layers of ice cream scattered with chocolate, raisins and almonds and separated with brandy snap layers, finishing with a double layer of brandy snaps. Cover tightly with plastic food wrap and freeze. At the same time put a sweets board or serving plate in the freezer.

to serve
A few hours before you want to serve the ice cream. Dip the mould in hot water and unmould it onto the chilled board. Set a timer for 90 minutes and when the timer goes portion the terrine and wrap each portion.

When you are ready to serve do a scrape of chocolate sauce on the plate, place a portion on each plate and serve.

Wait for the completely undeserved accolades!

1. Shock horror we make our celebrated ice cream bases in the microwave. You can only watch apprentices scorch and ruin cream for so long before coming up with a better solution and the microwave is that solution. It will boil cream quickly without ever scorching it and you can be assured that the egg is fully cooked and all of the risks associated with traditional ice cream is removed.
2. The quality of the cream is part of the excellence of this ice cream. Look for quality pouring cream without preservatives and alginates. Barossa Valley Jersey Fresh dairy have 1L bottles of their pouring cream at Foodland Norwood.

Tania jones chocolate sauce

150g caster sugar
75g water
225g Haigh’s dark chocolate (or other high quality dark chocolate), finely chipped

Weigh the cream, caster sugar ad water into a saucepan. Place it on high heat and whisking it constantly, bring it to the boil.  Remove from the heat add the chocolate and whisk until it is completely incorporated. Return to the heat and whisking constantly, boil gently until it is thick and glossy.

brandy snaps

Store in the fridge use as required

125g unsalted butter
200g golden syrup [1]
125g caster sugar
110g strong flour
40g cognac

Weigh the butter, sugar and golden syrup into a saucepan and place it on medium heat. Whisk constantly until the mixture boils and immediately the sugar is dissolved remove from the heat – do not reduce.

Remove from the heat, allow the bubbling to just subside, then whisk in the flour and finally the cognac. Return to the heat and whisking constantly bring to the boil.

Turn off the heat and scrape into a storage container, cover and refrigerate until you are ready to cook.

pre heat oven to 160°C
Cover baking sheets with silicone mats of baking paper. Take teaspoons full of the brandy snap mixture, roll it into a ball and then roll it into a circle between two pieces of baking parchment. Remove the top parchment and press the brandy snap hard against a prepared baking sheet and peel away the parchment.

Bake until lightly coloured and cooked through to the centres, cool on racks.

[1] Lyles is excellent brand as it is much lighter, however, it has become difficult to find in Australia. The Silver Spoon brand is a good equivalent. The problem with the darker golden syrups is that the brandy snaps darken and burn on the edges before they are cooked in the centres.

BELOW : River Torrens Cafè Adelaide.


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