To check out the type of chilli you have grown [or purchased] use this very useful link on any image and you will get an actual size high resolution image to assist in identifying your chillies.

200g vegetable oil (peanut is best) + extra as required
40g blachan[1]
200g minced ginger:garlic[2]
200g tiny dried shrimp[3]
500g Thai chillies, very finely sliced
200g dried chillies (be very careful that you do not get habaneros)
200g sesame seeds
4 bunches of coriander with roots, washed roots finely chopped, leaves roughly chopped
200g roasted raw peanuts
200g palm sugar, finely shaved
100g rice wine vinegar

Heat the oil in a wok and crumble the blachan into it, turn the heat down and stir until it disintegrates.  Add the garlic:ginger cook for a few minutes then add the dried shrimp and chilli and continue cooking on very low heat until the chilli starts to blacken (not burn). Add the dried chillies and sesame seeds. When they are coloured add the coriander roots and continues cooking until the dried chillies are slightly softened. Add the coriander leaves and palm sugar and cook until the coriander has disintegrated. Add the peanuts heat through and then add the vinegar. Heat through and turn off.

Rough chop on pulse, keeps indefinitely packed in sterilised glass jars or new take-away containers and vacced.

[1] Blachan…buy the one in a foil pack which helps keep it soft and fresh…store in an airtight glass jar…yes is smells disgusting but it is an essential ingredient!

[2] Ginger:garlic is 50:50 peeled weight ginger and garlic processed until fine in a food processor with 20g Vine valley white wine vinegar per 100g

[3] Dried shrimp…always buy from a Chinese grocer where these are stored in their freezer cabinet…process them to a powder in your Thermomix or blender, put them in an airtight jar and keep them in the freezer.