malaysian chilli crabs

This is an old favourite and a stand by marinade that we use for just about everything, from chilli crabs, to grilled chicken and fish; we even use it for spare ribs.

Dead easy to make, you will be shocked at the ingredients. The marinade will keep indefinitely when refrigerated. Don’t substitute the Lingham’s Sweet Chilli sauce for that nasty cheap Thai chunky sweet chilli sauce.

for the marinade
150g p/w green ginger, roughly chopped
150g p/w garlic, roughly chopped
15 Thai chillies, very finely chopped
625g good commercial tomato sauce
625g Lingham’s sweet chilli sauce
100g soft dark brown sugar
100g light soy
250g peanut or vegetable oil
2cm square block of blachan

Put everything except the blachan in a Thermomix or blender and puree.  Roll the cleaned green crabs through a generous amount of the marinade. Put the blachan in the wok and add a splash of peanut or vegetable oil and quickly cook it off. Toss in the crabs and toss over until they are perfectly serve

Best to eat outside where you can later hose off the table. Large finger bowls or cold towels, or both, are highly recommended.