Glacé kumquats

posted June 5, 2019 …new method

If you have induction, this recipe overrides previous recipes. You will need very sharp paring knife, tweezers and heavy based induction stainless steel saucepan with a lid.

day one
Using scissors the kumquats from the tree leaving a small amount of stem. Wash them under cold running water. Spread a tea towel on your bench and gently dry them.

Weigh the kumquats and weigh out the same amount of fine caster sugar and set it to one side. Cut the kumquats in half and using the tweezers [yes it is a pain in the butt], however, it is worth the effort and you are still bound to have missed heaps.

Put the prepared kumquats and sugar into the sauce pan and very gently stir them over, cover and leave i a cool place. Set a timer for 4-5 hours.


day one continued…..
when the timer goes very gently stir them over, cover and elave in a cool place for 24 hours.

day two
induction 800W 80°C
At this point much of the sugar will have dissolved  but you will need to stir over occasionally to lift any remaining sugar from the bottom of the pan. Set a timer for 2 hours, when the timer goes cover with the lid slightly ajar and leave in a cool place.

day three
induction 800W 80°C
Set a timer for two hours, stir from time to time. When finished cover with the lid slightly ajar and leave in a cool place.

Here, if your kumquats were very underripe you might need to repeat the process another day….they should be looking like image below left. Very glossy and translucent.

Either when the kumquats are completely cold or next day drain off and let them drain for at least three hours.

Syrup to go into white spirit…yet to do!!

Lightly dehydrate the kumquats and pack into sterilised jars or vac…..yet to finish!