ice cream

makes about 750ml

Fresh quality cream and eggs are the secret to good ice cream. These days I buy both at a supermarket. Tweedvale and I can sometimes get my Barossan favorite Jersey Fresh at a Supermarket.

This recipe does not completely supersede our old coffee ice cream recipe, but it has less sugar and a as a result, a stronger coffee flavour. It is speckled with coffee grounds but the texture remains excellent.

Best churned same day…DO NOT put on freezer floor


40g finely and freshly ground coffee[1]
500ml cream

5 x 61g eggs [yolks only], room temperature
90g caster sugar
approximately an additional 250ml cream

Put coffee and cream into a micro safe bowl stir the coffee in and microwave on high until it comes to the boil 3-4 minutes. Allow to stand for 10 minutes, bring to the boil again and then sieve through a hair sieve, pushing hard against the coffee to extract as much of the infused cream as possible.

Weigh the infused cream into a microwave safe bowl and top to 500g with the additional cream. Bring to the boil in a microwave…while this is happening whisk egg yolks and sugar together, then whisk in the boiling cream. Check temperature should be minimum 80°C. If not microwave on low heat in short bursts until you get there.

Rapid chill and churn.

[1] We use D’Angelo Coffee, and believe they are Adelaide’s best roasters