Passionfruit butter with soft fruits

This is such a simple quick, easy and delicious dessert that always seems to be universally popular. I’ve given you two methods; method one is quite handy if you want to make the passionfruit butter a day or two in advance. It also freezes very well and it is quite handy to be able to grab it for an emergency dessert.

Passionfruit freezes very well and when we are lucky enough to get it at the peak of the season we freeze it in 200g packs because all of our recipes are based on 200g or multiples of 200g.

Ann Oliver, March 2 2019
above….absolute showgirl dessert cake combo; passionfruit curd, fresh passionfruit, poached quince, lilypillies, Pam Field’s fabulous sponge.
Serves 8

250g unsalted butter
170g icing sugar mixture[1]
200g fresh
passionfruit juice…room temperature
150g filtered water…approximately

2 punnets ripe strawberries, hulled, washed and halved
2 punnets blackberries
2 punnets raspberries

Method One
Cream the butter and icing sugar, then whisk in the passionfruit just a little at a time until it is incorporated…refrigerate or freeze until you want to use it.

Bring the passionfruit butter to room temperature, put it into a large saut&ecute;pan and melt on low heat…then whisk in the water and cook until high heat for a couple of minutes to emulsify.

Method Two
Put the butter, icing sugar mixture and water into a large sautépan and whisking bring to the boil, whisk in the passionfruit. You may need to add a little extra water to keep the sauce at the right consistency.

Bring the passionfruit butter sauce to the boil. Turn the heat off and add he fruit to the pan. Using a silicon spatula, gently stir over the fruit so that it is coated with the sauce. Turn the heat back on, and gently stirring over heat until the edges start to boil.

Serve immediately with a suitable ice cream.

[1]Icing sugar mixture contains a small amount of cornflour which is beneficial to this recipe. If you have gluten free guests use 160g pure icing sugar and 10g gluten free cornflour.

[2]This can be a combination of any soft fruits about 750g total weight