When you have a glut of lemons what do you do…lemon curd, lemon cordial, lemoncello, pickled lemons, arancia, lemon pudding, lemon syrup


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You will need sterilised bottles, utensils, lids and a funnel

1500g lemon juice [1]

3000g filtered water
1500g caster sugar
20g citric acid
20g tartaric acid

Weigh the water and sugar into a large stainless steel or enamel saucepan. Place it on high heat and stir until the sugar is lifted from the bottom. Add the citric and tartaric acids, whisk in to dissolve and bring to the boil.

Get your bottles and equipment ready…the bottles need to be hot when you are filling them.

Add the lemon juice to the hot syrup, mix and bottle immediately.

[1] We use our Breville juice fountain the second one we have owned. Both have been punished without mercy, our first did multitude commercial openings got trucked with us for huge catering gigs for the breakfast juices….why we go to the point of what may seem like a lot of extra work to use this sort of juicer rather than a press, or simple electric juicer where you just cut the fruit in half [we have one] but we make arancia, glacéd peel with the skins so we are utilizing the whole lemon.


don't waste the peel

makes the best

It does take time, but it’s delicious. Use it in cakes and Christmas Stollen, dip it in chocolate and serve with coffee. Pack it in sweet little boxes as gifts everyone loves it.

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