Terrine de Pieds de Cochon

Sultz if you are Austrian, pigs food brawn if your are British or Irish heritage
Makes 2 x 1 litre terrines

8 pigs trotters, washed under cold running water
225g p/w shallot, very finely chopped
10g freshly and coarsely ground white pepper
15g Maldon
110g dill [weight is with roots] 80g without, finely chopped
4 whole cloves
200g Vine Valley white wine vinegar

5g Maldon
3g freshly and coarsely ground black pepper
100g Vine Valley white wine vinegar

Put everything from the first ingredient list into a large pot and cover by about 10 cm with cold water.

90 minutes @ 1000W 100°C…..turn down to 1000W 80°C for another 90 minutes….then 1 hour @ 1000W 100°C

Check that the skin and meat are falling from the bone. Allow to cool in the liquid…do not refrigerate. Wearing food service gloves pull all of the meat and skin from the bones and very carefully go through the meat to make sure you haven’t missed small bones. Add the other ingredients and mix well. Taste and adjust seasoning if required, but, remember when plated the terrine will be dressed and a little seasoning added.

Divide between two one litre silicon terrine moulds. Cover with a sheet of Freezer-go-Between and then weight them. We have used another terrine and our pastry beads, which are great because they spread evenly.

Refrigerate for 24 hours…do not unmould until you want to serve.

  • Classic French…..chopped cornichons, capers or caper berries, EVO, a splash of Leonardi white balsamic, bread, fresh of course!
  • Classic Austrian…..blanched potato cubes, dressed, as soon as they have been drained, with EVO, white wine vinegar, fresh dill, finely chopped shallot and finely shaved cucumber that has been salted and squeezed…salad must be room temperature. Also, a favourite from this kitchen finely grated radish, salted and squeezed and dressed with a good garlicky EVO and white wine vinegar dressing…dark rye and fresh sweet butter.
  • British…vinegar, bread and butter.

TIP if you want to get the meat off while it’s hot; wear a pair of cotton gloves inside of your food service gloves.

above….sliced terrine [needs a sharp fine knife] and right we’ve added some of our bread and butter cucumbers
and a little finely chopped shallot.

The total costs of 20 portions is less than $30 AUD and I find it astonishing that we do not see these marvellous dishes on more restaurant menus.

posted December 6, 2018 AO