Always in search of a moist delicious bread that is full of flavour without being overly seedy, but equally elegant enough to make a fabulous canapé, a super elegant snack and much more. This new bread does just that…but the very good thing is that it is packed with goodness with grains and seeds. What we really like is that although the flavour is forefront it’s not one of those nasty breads with too much seedy texture.

Makes 3 loaves

This is a very wet mix do not be tempted to add more flour..the recipe works perfectly

to flour the tins
50g unsalted butter, melted
50g strong flour

30g black barley
30g linseeds
30g black quinoa
30g sunflower seeds
30g pepitos
30g sesame seeds

1075g warm water….38°C
12g dry yeast
120g molasses
480g organic rye grain
15g fine sea salt
660g organic strong flour

Butter and flour three medium loaf tins.

Weigh the grains and seeds into the Thermomix, and process, preserving some texture, using reverse until it is ground.

Weigh the water into a bowl large enough to hold all of the ingredients. Add the yeast and whisk until it is dissolved, then weigh in the molasses and set a timer for 10 minutes.

Weigh the rye grain into a Thermo and process until you have a slightly grainy rye flour. When the timer goes, using a spatula fold in the seed mix, then fold in the rye flour. When mixed add the salt through and then finally add the strong flour.

Mark the bowl with a texta so you know when it has almost doubled…..there is no accurate time for this it depends on so many factors.

When the dough has almost doubled, using a bowl scraper, knock the dough down, folding it against itself and then divide between the prepared tins.

pre heat oven to 180°C
When the dough has almost doubled put the tins in the oven and set a timer for 30 minutes. Turn the tins and set a timer for another 30 minutes. Turn the bread out onto racks, turn it right side up and allow to cool.

This bread is one of the yeast world wonders that improves with age. We do keep it in the fridge but equally a cool dry place will do as well.

Don’t try and make deeper loaves…we’ve tried. The outer crust becomes too hard before the center is cooked.

Makes the most fantastic toast, try something really simple like smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg and dill mayonnaise.