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I have always used the Harissa recipe from Claudia Roden’s New Book of Middle Eastern Food, first published by Penguin in 1979 but recently spotted this recipe where the chillies and shallots were charred. Did a bit of mash up of both and it turned out very well, that little bit of char adding an extra element.

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THE MOST versatile

for the spices
5g caraway seed
5g cumin seed
50g cinnamon stick, broken into pieces

for the rest
85g Thai chillies, seeded [see image use a melon baller]
120g large red chillies, seeded
80g EVO…..+ extra to cover the Harissa
75g p/w shallots, split in half lengthwise
35g ginger garlic paste
60g Sherry or Saki
30g Mega Chef Fish or Anchovy sauce [omit for Vegan]
10g Malden 2 bunch coriander with roots, roots cleaned and finely chopped, leaves washed and dried ideally about 60g
30g mint leaves

worth the

for the spices
Dry roast the spices in a steel pan until they start to crackle. Immediately tip them into a bowl and when they are cool grind fine in a spice grinder.

for the rest
Pre heat a steel pan, brush lightly with EVO and then char the chillies a few at a time. Char the shallots in the same manner.

If you have a Thermomix you can then put all of the ingredients into the Thermo and blitz. I chose to use my small blender and had to do it in batches.

Scrape into a container, smooth the top and cover with a thin layer of EVO and refrigerate.


tips and ideas

quick and
easy ideas

You will find loads of recipes using Harissa, recipes that go through the Middle East and right through to parts of Africa. Simple things like mixing a tablespoon of harissa with a tablespoon of EVO rolling your fish through it and roast them in a pre-heated 200°C oven.

Try lamb ribs, nice fresh ones with lovely white fat. Use 50g harissa, 50g Mutti organic tomato paste, 50g EVO mix everything together then roll the cut lamb ribs [I like to cut them int two rib portions] through the marinade and refrigerate. Marinate for a couple of days. Take them out of the fridge for two hours before you want to start cooking them. Cook the ribs standing on a rack in a pre-heated 200°C oven until they are caramelised and cooked…about 45 minutes. Even better cooked over charcoal.

We also make a version of curried egg sandos using harissa instead of curry paste and add some nice crunchy Cos or Iceberg.


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