This is not really a recipe. Whilst it is delicious with crayfish it is also great with South Australian prawns.

This is the type of garnish that we would go out into the garden, pick anything appropriate and put something together. To that we would add something like our glacé chilli as a jewel like colour highlight scattered across the top.

The most important thing is not to override the delicate flavour of the crayfish or prawns.

The salad is an accompaniment and must be in perfect balance with the seafood. Do yourself a favour goto your Asian grocer and buy yourself a bottle of Megachef fish or anchovy sauce.

AO 26 JUNE 2021


This what I’d try for
Kaffir lime leaves, finely shredded
lemon grass, soft inner part, finely chopped
celery leaves
spring onions, shredded
laksa mint [optional]
glacé chilli for garnish
minced ginger garlic galangal
a single Kaffir lime, grted rind and strained juice
a dash of good coconut milk
a little palm sugar if you like sweet hot sour
Megachef fish sauce essential ingredient.

The divine bright green sauce in the image is watercress oil. Easily made by blitzing water cress with a pinch of Maldon and your best EVO then strained.

it seems
a lot of

And we understand that not every household has these ingredients at their fingertips or a bountiful garden, but we know that many of you do.

When you open your Megachef fish or anchovy sauce treat it like a precious bottle of wine and keep it in the fridge to limit the oxidisation.

The rest is easy. Steamed crayfish or prawns, seasoned with a few drops of sesame oil, salt and white pepper and a little dash of lime juice. Then just put your salad ingredients together, dresh with fish sauce, coconut milk and a little bit of palm sugar optional. Top garnish with the glacé chilli.

Always taste and adjust!


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Now you’ve got the hang of the ingredients and the flavour profile have a go at this fab salad/accompaniment.