makes 12

500g Lauke Organic + extra for rolling
50g unsalted butter
375g full cream milk
40g caster sugar
8g dried yeast

approximately 120g cherry jam or whatever you have to hand
water spray
70 cm x 40 cm baking dish or equivalent
fondant icing

Weigh the flour into your electric mixer bowl and fit either the Kenwood Chef flexible beater or the k-beater and give it a whizz in lieu of sifting. Weigh the butter into a microwave safe bowl large enough to hold the milk as well.

Microwave on high for 30 seconds or until it is melted. Weigh in the milk and sugar and microwave for 45 seconds…butter should still be melted and not more than 38C. Weigh in the yeast and whisk until it and the sugar is dissolved.

With the motor running at the slowest speed pour the liquid down the side of the bowl and work until it comes together. Scrape it down once and make sure that it has lifted the flour from the bottom and work for another minute. Scrape down the sides, cover with a damp towel or a shower cap and allow to double in size.

Line your baking dish with baking paper. Flour a work surface and scrape the dough out onto the surface, dust the top and roll it out into a rectangle about 15 mm thick. Working on the long side, leave a 10 cm edge at the top and brush it with water.

Spread the rest of the surface with jam and roll up. Cut into 12 slices. The jam will squeeze out a bit when you are cutting them, wipe the bottoms of the buns through the jam and place them a little apart in the prepared baking dish and spray the tops with water…. prove until they have joined together and on a hot day spray them again to keep their tops moist.

In a 175°C pre heated oven Bake until they are golden top and bottom…approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Allow to cool standing on a rack. Gently warm the fondant icing and generously ice the tops….best eaten straight away!!! variations are of course endless
  • add dried fruit to the dough…peel and dried cranberries are good but they can be anything you have handy
  • give them a Middle eastern twist…use apricot jam scatter chopped pistachios and freshly ground cinnamon over the with thinly with plain icing made from milk and icing sugar and dust the tops with powdered pistachios

the right flour
The right flour makes a difference, the best buns are made with low gluten flour which has become very hard to find. I find mine at my Chinese grocers…so keep a look out!