1kg Rosa Bianco eggplants, [pictured left if you can find them] charred on a grill[i]
30g garlic macerated with 5g Maldon sea salt
100g Tahina[ii]
50g fresh strained lemon juice
white pepper, freshly ground
EV olive oil, about 150ml

Making sure not to get more than a few specks of the charred skin, carefully remove the eggplant pulp and put it into a blender, MyCook or Thermomix and add the Tahina, lemon juice and white pepper. Process adding olive oil until it is smooth, thick and very creamy. 

[i]The Rosa Bianco [pictured below] are the best of all eggplant varieties, but they have a very short late summer season. They have the most exquisite silken flash when they have been charred.

[ii]Making your own is easy, especially if you have a Thermomix or good blender…if you use commercial tahina never use the oil from the top of the jar it is always rancid.