brandy snaps



The raw brandy snap mixture can be stored in an air-tight container in the fridge for several weeks. To use the pre-made mix it is mainly best to make it molten again. Put the container on low into a microwave and use as required.  Brandy snaps might be an old fashioned thing but people love them. The great improvement with cooking brandy snaps is silicon forms…they are absolutely brilliant for the task!

To get even shapes or disks we weigh the molten mix into the forms…make sure you wipe the forms out with paper towel before refilling them again.

above true KIS KIF…keep it simple, keep it fresh…
the perfect emergency dessert…brandy snap disks, creme Chantilly and gorgeous summer strawberries

125g unsalted butter
200g golden syrup[1]
125g caster sugar
110g strong flour
40g cognac

Weigh the butter, sugar and golden syrup into a saucepan and place it on medium heat.  Whisk constantly until the mixture boils and immediately the sugar is dissolved remove from the heat – do not reduce.  Remove from the heat, allow the bubbling to just subside, then whisk in the flour and finally the cognac. Return to the heat and whisking constantly bring to the boil. Turn off the heat and scrape into a storage container, cover and refrigerate when cool until you are ready to cook.

pre heat oven to 160°C
Using silicon forms gives you many options for shapes. We like to work out the perfect weight for each form, then site the form on a scale and fill them to the weight. This will give you evenly sized [and thickness] shapes. Bake until lightly coloured and cooked through to the centres, cool until just pliable, but not set hard and remove them from the forms and cool on racks.

making brandy snap sheets
Cover baking sheets with silicone mats or baking paper. Take teaspoons full of the brandy snap mixture, roll it into a ball and then roll it into a circle between two pieces of baking parchment. Using a rolling pin press the brandy snap hard against the silicon mat. Remember that the mix will always spread. When you are satisfied you have the right size and thickness peel away the parchment.

do not delay in storing the brandy snaps
Brandy snaps are subject to humidity. To get any sort of shelf life you need an airtight container and 50g silica gel sachets. We always pack them separating the layers with either baking paper or Freezer-go-Between.

[1] Find a light golden syrup, our favourite is the English Lyle’s Golden Syrup, and it has become much easier to source. The Silver Spoon brand, also English, is a good equivalent. The problem with the darker golden syrups is that the brandy snaps darken and burn on the edges before they are cooked in the centres.