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To be fair these are tricky little bastards to make. And, unless you’ve got the heat-hardened hands of a working seasoned chef, you are going to need cotton gloves inside tightly fitting food service gloves to be able to roll the tuilles straight from the oven. We have always made our templates from gelati containers easily found in a restaurant kitchen, but scrounging a 2l commercial ice cream container from a less fussy friend works well.

I have found that the tuilles are easier made on baking paper rather than silicon mats, and I love my very old double walled baking sheets because they don’t cool as quickly and that makes rolling the tuilles easier. The days when I could do eight to the tray have long since gone but three or four are manageable. In a commercial fan-forced oven you’ll need wooden or steel batons to stop them blowing around in the oven. I even find it useful in my domestic oven. You’ll also need a nice small flexible crank handled palette knife.

My circle template is 85 mm diameter and has a 50 mm edge that makes the template easier to handle. I also have a small heart template. The small hearts are very cute when dusted with peeled, dried and powdered pistachio and scattered across the top of cold dessert, preferably an ice cream dessert. You need an airtight tin and a 50g silica gel sachet [1] to keep them crisp.

The tuille batter keeps well in the fridge [max two weeks]. Remembering that they are 5g each, taking roughly the amount you will need and bring it up to room temperature works best rather than leaving the whole batch out to come up to room temp.

AO 9 JUNE 2024tightly fitting 


makes about 45 85 mm diameter small rolled cigars, but be warned until you gain skill you’ll probably mess up a few and TBH you might find it irresistible not to eat a few

Metal Kenwood bowl warmed with hot water and dried…..balloon whisk.

60g room temperature egg white [if it’s cold in your kitchen warm over hot water]
75g powdered caster sugar or pure icing sugar
60g plain flour
½ a vanilla pod scraped, seeds only
100g cool but molten unsalted clarified butter

absolutely divine!

pre heat oven to 150°C
Whisk the egg white until it has smooth shiny peaks and add the sugar a little at a time until full incorporated. Add the flour work in at medium speed, add the vanilla seeds, then on slow run the butter down the sides of the bowl, mix through and then using a silicon spatula make sure it has all been worked in.

Using your template and the crank-handled spatula evenly spread the mix in your mould. Carefully lift up the template and using your spatula clean off the top of your template and proceed to the next one. When you’re finished put them in the oven.

While they are cooking prepare another sheet of tuilles.

Cook the tuilles until they are golden and roll them as soon as you take them from the oven, still sitting on the tray to keep them malleable.

It you go for the heart option dust them the pistachio powder or you might like to use some of the terrific dusting powders including gold and silver and all sorts of marvelous imaginative dusts from somewhere like Cake Boss[2].


[1] 50g Silica gel sachets can be purchased from ACE CHEMICALS and if you look after them they can last for years – when they turn orange dry them out again in a 160°C oven for 15 minutes. When not in use keep them in an airtight glass jar.
[2] CAKE BOSS you can buy online or visit a store.


the best way to keep

crisp foods crisp is silica gel



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