Triple batch in brackets – keeps well refrigerated, always whisk vigorously before serving and it’s best at room temperature.

15g ginger:garlic …[45g]
50g palm sugar – finely chopped or grated …[150g]
100g Japanese seasoning soy …[300g]
75g strained lemon juice …[225g]
50g house tahina …[150g]
40g ABC Ketyap Manis …[120g]

35g roasted sesame seeds….straight from the oven …[105g]

Cheats’ Pork Dumplings…click on the image for the recipe

so easy

Weigh everything to the line into a 2L …[3L] jug and Bamix using the chopping blade until smooth. Add the sesame seeds while still hot.

Delicious with dumplings, hanger steak, pork, chicken and fish..in fact just about anything.

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