in praise of eggs

steamed egg yolk with crème fraiche
and seaweed pearls

This is such a simple delicious starter. Best of all it is always appreciated way more than the effort to prepare it deserves. It does, however, require a piece of equipment, the egg topper. I remember paying about $80 AUD at least 30 years ago and was pleased to see they are much less expensive. Still I recommend buying a quality one it is the type of equipment than should last a lifetime.

other stuff

Egg size and temperature is IMPORTANT. And make sure your teaspoons fit into the top. Plus, if you have silverware you might like to invest in some china teaspoons as the yolk quickly blackens silver.


This is very quick so have everything organised.

For all the how to top and egg and egg toppers click here

serves 6 you will need
6 egg cups
egg topper

6 topped room temperature 61g eggs, yolks only set in egg cups – this can be prepared a few hours in advance
black pepper in a grinder
60g crème fraiche
1 x 85g Ikea Black Seaweed Pearls – or if you’re flush caviar

so easy

Give the eggs a scattering of freshly ground black pepper and recover with the plastic. Put the eggs in the steamer section of your steamer and cover with plastic food wrap.

to serve
Have your steamer ready. Put the eggs in the steamer [still covered with the plastic] and set a timer for three minutes.

As soon as the timer goes remover the eggs from the steamer, quickly put a teaspoon of crème fraiche on top of each egg, then divide the pearls between the eggs and serve immediately to totally undeserved accolades.

how to

The one I have is the spring loaded version click here

The Egg Topper used in the video is like this. As I have never used this type I do not have an opinion but it appears to work well click here  A thank you to Catherine Kerry for sourcing this link and providing the French culinary title for ‘egg topper’.

There is another type of egg topper, but as I have never seen this version in any cook’s kit I am assuming the two toppers above are the preferred.

watch the video it is very useful for newcomers to egg topping.

I have found that room temperature eggs are easier to top. My kitchen is usually about 20-22°C. Admittedly there were a couple of serves of scrambled eggs before I managed to do it properly and I always allow a spare egg or two.

They don’t get wasted but occasionally they can be a bit ragged and don’t look as perfect as I like them to be. Using the bread slasher shown in the YouTube video is also handy.

my method

Hold the egg in the palm of your hand, pointy end up. Position the topper on the egg and pull the spring back and keeping a steady hand let it drop three times. You should have a clean cutting line that is easily edged open with the blade or the point of a fine sharp knife.

Draining off the whites is also shown in the video. This requires extra care with room temperature eggs not to break the yolks. Breaking the yolks does spoil this recipe.

Most videos show the egg being held in an egg cup but I have found holding it in my hand is much more reliable.

posted September 24, 2020