it can be as simple as buttered white bread with a dab of mayonnaise, or sgtraight from the shell with a little shallot in Leonardi white balsamic…they are just delicious!

All you need is a hooded barbecue and a rack that stands about 5cm above the grill or if you are a master with charcoal even better.

for the smoke mix
200g brown sugar
50g Black China or Jasmin tea
rind of 2 mandarins
20g whole cloves
20g fennel seeds

pre heat the barbecue for 15 minutes
Working quickly, cover the grill with a double layer of foil spread the sugar on top and then the tea and finally the other ingredients.
Close the hood and set a timer for 8 minutes. In the meantime set the oysters on the rack. When the timer goes, and as long as the smoke mix has started to smoke put the rack on top of the smoke mix and close the hood. Set a timer for 15 minutes if you have just shucked the oysters 20 minutes if they have been shucked and in the fridge for a few hours. When the timer goes, turn off the heat and let stand for another 15 minutes.

Make sure that the oysters are level in your improvised smoker because you want to harvest the smoked oyster liquor. If you don’t want to use it straight away weigh it and freeze it to use at another time. ALWAYS boil the liquor after your have thawed it before you use it.