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This a a great savoury pastry, especially because it will stay crisp even with quite wet fillings. Excellent for canapés that might have to stand for 30 minutes.

The pastry is also very forgiving and can be rolled and re-rolled. We love silicon forms, not just because they can be cleaned in the dishwasher saving hours of painstaking work and oven drying to ensure they don’t rust. But, when in full swing of madly catering we used to spend any down time filling the forms and freezing them so they could be cooked a la minute. Equally, they can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerated until you are ready to bake on the day.
Two days pre roll is max, after that the pastry starts to show obvious deterioration.

Also although we have a Thermomix we prefer to use a food processor for the pastry.

AO 13 MARCH 2023

makes 30/60 canapé tart cases
300g batch will fill 1 x 25c deep drop bottom flan

150g:300g strong flour
17g:34g fine semolina
1 pinch:2 pinches fine salt
67g:134g lard
1:2 whole eggs minimum 61g
10g:20g Vine Valley white wine vinegar

Put the flour, semolina and salt into a food processor and mix for a few seconds on pulse, then with the motor running add the lard and work only long enough to incorporate it and then turn the processor off. Whisk the egg and vinegar together and then with the motor running add it to the flour and work only long enough for it to come together in a ball.

Knead briefly on a lightly floured surface, wrap in plastic and rest in a cool place for at least 30 minutes before rolling.

Using as little flour as possible, roll the pastry thinly cut out the disks and press them into the forms. Prick the bottoms, cover with plastic and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before cooking.

pre heat oven to 180°C
Cook the tart cases until they are golden and crisped. Stand the forms on racks and when they are still just slightly warm gently tip them out onto the racks.

I don’t usually use ceramic pastry balls for canapétart cases. the pastry will shrink a little but as long as you ensure to really fill your forms you’ll probably lose about 30% of the height.

For blind baking large flans we always line the pastry with foil shiny side down and pre-heat the ceramic balls for 20-30 minutes in a pre-heated 180°C oven.

AO 13 MARCH 2023