Roasted Tomato, Garlic and Seafood Soup
Roasted Garlic Saffron Aioli

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I am blessed with a bountiful garden and late in the tomato season a lot of ugly but utterly delicious tomatoes.Add to that brother Kym fishes and it generous with treats.

We have had a stinking hot start to Autumn 24 and the idea of a cold and delicious combo of the available bounty produced this wonderful dish. It would be equally as good hot and the tomatoes once roasted could easily be frozen for another day.

Quite a bit of work but well worth the effort…apologies for the absence of images.

If you are serving chilled best made the day before and refrigerated for 24 hours….chill a soup tureen.

And…..If you can’t buy terrific bread, you may want to add Jim Lahey’s fabulous no-knead Ciabatta

for the aioli click here
AO 18 MARCH 2024

for the tomato

3-4kg very ripe tomatoes, cored and scored
1 head of garlic, pulled apart
approximately 2L ice

few sprigs of thyme
100g caster sugar
150g EVO
20g Maldon
5g black pepper, freshly ground

500g crab, prawn or fish stock

for the crabs

2 green Blue Swimmer crabs
salt and white pepper
10g Leonardi white balsamic
approximately 1 cup ice

for the squid

2 medium squid, cleaned, scored
20g salt
approximately 2 cups ice
paper towel
1 peeled clove of garlic, macerated with 2g Maldon
10g Leonardi white balsamic
30g EVO
white pepper, freshly ground

definitely worth the effort

for the tomato
Set up and ice bath with half of the ice. Put a pot of water on to boil. Blanche the tomatoes in boiling water until their skins are loosened and then drop them into the ice bath. Repeat the process adding more ice as required.

Put a small pot of water on the boil and set up a small ice bath…drop the garlic cloves into the boiling water, bring to the boil again, boil for 1 minute then remove them into the ice bath.

Peel the tomatoes and garlic.

pre heat oven to 2107deg;C
Line a deep roasting pan with foil and baking paper. Wearing food service gloves squash the tomatoes into the roasting pan, add the garlic and sprinkle over the other ingredients and toss over with a rubber spatula.

The cooking time depends on how juicy your tomatoes are, but it will be somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes, stirring over every 30 minutes. There should be plenty of caramelisation and loads of juice. Allow to cool standing on a rack and refrigerate.

for the crab
Break up the crabs, cut off the legs, and using kitchen scissors cut open the large claws. Working over a bowl squeeze out all of the green meat. Stir in the other ingredients, cover with plastic wrap and steam until just set. Chill over ice and refrigerate. Freeze all the shell for stock making in the future.

for the squid
Set up a pot of boiling water, add the salt and set up an ice bath. Working in small batches drop the prepared squid into the boiling water, stir just long enough that it is just set, immediately life from the boiling water into the ice bath. Drain the squid and dry on paper towel…. mix together the remaining ingredients, add the squid and thoroughly coat. Cover and refrigerate.

for the saffron aioli
1 qty of lemon mayonnaise
2 pinches of saffron
40g roasted garlic

to serve

Plate the saffron aioli and keep chilled. In a large bowl mix everything together, pull out the thyme stalks. taste and adjust the seasonings are required. Keep everything well chilled until you are ready to serve.



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Don’t have a garden? Because we do not grow enough, we also buy fabulous tomatoes from Patlin Gardens. They can be ordered and collected at the South Australian Sunday Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. Soil grown not in glasshouse, biologic pest control..stunning quality!



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