Oysters Killpatrick AO 2020

sufficient for 3 dozen oysters

120g Megachef oyster sauce
120g Lingham’s Sriracha chilli sauce
120g tomato ketchup
180g Lea and Perrins
Worcestershire sauce

300g thinly sliced streaky bacon [at least 50% fat] or flat pancetta, finely shredded
lemon or lime wedges

Weigh the sauces into a bowl and whisk together.

Crunch foil roughly on a baking tray. Without washing them, shuck the oysters and let them stand for 10 minutes to juice up again.

Set a sieve over a bowl and working one at a time tip an oyster into the sieve, check for random bits of shell and return the drained oyster to the shell and set them level on the crunched foil.

We freeze the oyster liquor and use it in soups and oyster sauces.

Spoon a couple of teaspoons of the sauce mix over each oyster and then top each oyster generously with the bacon/pancetta.
see tip

pre heat oven 230° C
turbo grill if you have it

Cook the oysters until the bacon/pancetta is crisped. If you have some sauce left over immediately drizzle it over the oysters. Serve with the lemon/lime wedges. tip Some Kilpatrick recipes recommend frying the bacon first. What happens then is the fat is lost to the oyster and it is nowhere near as good.

We also like oysters done with finely shredded hot Sopressa salami.