mexican oysters

There is a short window for this delicious oyster…March and in a late season early April in South Australia.

serves 4
4 dozen freshly opened South Australian oysters
4 cups of cheap rock salt
2 Thai chillies, finely chopped
50ml your favourite extra virgin
1 lime, grated rind and strained juice
if you’re lucky enough to have kaffir limes go for it
2 corncobs, cleaned and corn cut from the cobs
1 mango, peeled and diced into about 3mm cubes (use green mango fine julienne if ripe mangoes are out of season)
1/4 small bunch of coriander, washed, roots removed and leaves roughly chopped
white pepper and salt to taste

Divide the rock salt between four plates and sit the oysters firmly in the salt. Mix everything together and spoon a little on top of each oyster.