basic lemon or lime mayonnaise

1 x 61g whole egg, room temperature or warmed in hot tap water for 10 minutes
15g smooth French mustard
5g Maldon sea salt, salts vary if you are using a differnet salt you may need less
1g freshly and finely ground white pepper
1 lemon or lime,finely grated rind
strained juice of 1 lemon or 2 limes
125g your best EVO
250g quality vegetable oil, not canola and make sure it’s fresh

Put everything but the oils and lemon juice into a jug. Using a stick mixer add the oils slowly until the mayonnaise is thick and emlusified, then mix in the lemon juice.

Store in and air–tight container in the fridge we don’t keep it longer than a week. mayonnaise is always best made fresh.

We use food processor for up to roughly 1L oil and Thermo for 1.5L. Neither the Thermo or the food processor makes good mayonnaise in small quantities.