for six dozen oysters Oysters Kilpatrick are one of about three dishes actually attributed to the Australian kitchen. They are despised by most Australian chefs for many reasons and certainly I probably wouldn’t eat them unless they came from a very trusted kitchen like my own. They have been used in bad restaurants and pubs to push oysters way past their use by date, but, just shucked they will be fought over until the very last. Killer Col, was a bastard chef at one of my opening gigs. A true party boy and breakfast chef, the two were a very tragic mix. There were times when I could have happily killed him, especially when I was rung at 4.00 am to be told he hadn’t turned up for work. However, it has to be admitted Killer Col’s recipe is just the best. 6 dozen freshly opened oysters 2 – 3L cheap rock salt 175g HP Sauce 500g Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce 750g finely sliced and shredded meaty speck or really good fatty bacon lemons – cut into halves and pips removed thickly sliced buttered brown bread..our molasses light rye is perfect Choose a dish large enough to hold all the oysters and put a 3cm layer of rock salt over the bottom. Put the HP and Worcestershire into a jug and mix well.  Sit the oysters in the salt so that they are level and the sauce will not leak out. Divide the speck over the oysters, then pour about 10ml of the sauce into each oyster.  Pre heat your grill until it is at its hottest, put a layer of rock salt onto your serving platter/plates and flatten it out slightly, put any remaining sauce into a serving jug. Grill the oysters until the bacon is crisp, plate on the salt to keep them level, and serve immediately with the lemon wedges, buttered bread and extra sauce.