makes 330g [1]

45g finely grated lemon rind
35g p/w local garlic
8g Maldon sea salt
3g coarsely and freshly ground black pepper
2 x 47.5g Ortiz anchovies in olive oil
145g stalked weight parsley – a mix of flat and coarse is best – washed and spun in a salad spinner

put the
love in

Put the lemon rind, garlic, sea salt, pepper and anchovies including the oil into a food processor and process until fine. Hand cut [2] the parsley fine, add to the food processor and work just long enough to bring it together.

Scrape into a container, contact cover and refrigerate.

Best made in small batches and eaten within a few days. If not used all at once make sure to contact cover again. Classically it is covered with extra virgin olive oil but I prefer to contact cover.

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[1] We have  substantial garden and are lucky enough to use herbs that are organically grown picked and used. Buying hydroponic parsley and using anything other than Ortiz negates the delicious simplicity of this classical recipe. I do not like using a Thermomix for this recipe and instead always use my food processor.

[2] Not hand cutting the parsley ruins this wonderful sauce.