Asparagus, Broad Bean, Snow Pea And Tofu Salad
With Sesame Soy Ginger Dressing

entrée for 4 …vegetarian and vegan

600g silken Japanese Tofu cut into 16 pieces…i

50g sesame seeds, roasted until they are golden and fragrant
500g broad beans, podded, blanched, refreshed under cold running water and podded
200g snow peas, topped…ii
20 asparagus spears, snapped and scraped
few small leaves…we used variegated sorrel

big steamer
4 bowls that will fit in your steamer

for the dressing
40g p/w young ginger…iii
40g caster sugar
80g peanut oil
100g Leonardi white balsamic
80g Japanese seasoning soy
5g Beerenberg Hahndorf Hot Mustard…optional
1g freshly and finely ground white or green pepper

Weigh everything for the dressing into a bowl and whisk together.

Take the tofu out of the fridge an hour before you want to serve and using a crank handled palette knife carefully divide it between your bowls and divide the raw asparagus on top.

to this point can be done in advance.

Cooking time only takes 7 minutes

Get the steamer on a good rolling boil and put the bowls into the steam and set a timer for six minutes. At the four-minute mark add the snow peas to each bowl and recover. Add the two-minute make divide the broad beans between the bowls and cover again. When the timer goes add the leaves to each bowl…turn the heat off and leave them covered for a minute.

You can serve this as an individual serve or a platter, however, cooking them in separate bowls makes it easy to serve.

Very carefully drain the water from the bowls and slide them onto your plates/platter using tongs to pull out bits and pieces of the components to arrange them attractively. Not completely covering anything and keeping most to the edges, scatter sesame seeds on the ingredients. Give the dressing a whisk and spoon half of it over and around and out the remaining half in a jug with a small ladle and put it on the table.

Serve in a bowl with a fork and spoon…fab warm or at room temperature.

editor’s note this dish would also be wonderful with fresh homemade goats’ cheese……… here just substitute the cows milk for goats….iv

i..We have tried dozens of different brands of silken tofu and this is the only one that really delivers unless you make your own using House Brand Instant Tofu is the one pictured. It does have a very long shelf life, but we like to buy with at least 30 days remaining. Once opened it needs to be used straight away

ii. When you grow your own snow peas, as we often do, they are so sweet and tender..if they look old and tough skip them and use more broad beans and asparagus

iii…When the new ginger comes into season I do quite a bit of this and put it in the freezer…it’s easy equal p/w ginger and sugar and blitzed….500g each works a treat in the Thermo. Because of the ratio of the sugar it never quite sets and is really easy to use straight from the freezer

iv….This recipe is on our old web site; if the link no longer works it will mean we have transferred the recipe to cuisine-extreme and use the search to locate it again


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