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this weekend…the preserving bible

Some savvy tips for preserving to ensure that your time and effort is not wasted and also mainly eliminates the need for storage refrigeration until you open the jar….click here

….posted September 2, 2018!

this weekend..not happening!

By special request we take a look at a couple of new models in home vac machines and explore cutting down your plastic usage with what appears to be improvements in their reusable storage containers, starting with the fact that they actually stack in the current version!

We are waiting for a reply to our email to Sunbeam with some questions about their new models…their promised 3 business days response is hardly what one expects in this day and age! Shoudl be some time later in the week for this one.

….post updated September 2, 2018!

the start of our favourite oyster recipes

Please use recipes from the main navigation…this is  just the start!

….posted August 25, 2018!
pictured left a Mistress Augustine’s signature oyster dish “the Ramona-Miller-Marco Pierre White” oysters natural on house-made Sichuan noodles.

perfect pork belly

click here for the full recipe and instructions

posted Wednesday August 8, 2018

a work in progress

Book Review
Artisan Sourdough
Made Simple
Emilie Raffa

Well we think there are some good ideas..but made ‘simple’, really!!! without some serious bread baking skills you will never get these recipes to work????

….posted August 22, 2018!

more Melbourne

We adore Melbourne for its vibrant food and art scene and unique shopping especially vintage shopping…….just one revisit and six new restaurant reviews….. click here

updated…. Wednesday 8 August, 2018!
..click on the image left to go to Kaaren Palmer’s guide on where to drink Champagne in Melbourne!

Buyer beware

We all buy on-line, but how often do you take the time to read the terms and conditions? Well a recent experience we have had trying to return a domestic sous-vide appliance while still under warranty started with a demand for a $24 payment for return postage, followed by a list of fairly unacceptable terms and conditions that may have cost as much as we could buy a new one. It led us to take a look at the terms and conditions of similar equipment to discover vastly different terms and conditions.

Still working on this one as it has turned into a much more complicated piece than expected. Add to that we don’t have the benefit of a legal team and need to make sure our facts are absolutely right.

AO July 25, 2018

Why we love induction

This is just the start as we have realised a much more in-depth article is required, especially explaining the advances in induction cooktops….just the start!

Our recommendations are based on first hand experience using induction hotplates in our own kitchen with items that we have purchased and other kitchens both domestic and commercial where we have had the opportunity to have a play or talk to chefs who use them on a daily basis.

posted Sunday May 26, 2018

We finally
have the time to look at

Two amazing books purchased last year…Torrablanca 2 and Ramon Morato’s Chocolate, so much to try…so much to learn!

Why aren’t the French fat?

The very first thing you notice in France today is the lack of overweight residents. Then you notice the abundance of excellent bread, still baked twice daily; this is followed by exquisite melt in the mouth pastries, that eaten in excess would surely lead to obesity. The French still take weekends and free time seriously and the shopping/market day is Saturday. They patiently queue at the best butchers, the fromagerie, the poultry shop…well they queue everywhere good produce it to be found.

a work in progress!
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